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Postal Address

PO Box 2251
Moorabin VIC 3189


Our Client and Their Brief

Making Clips for Bluechiip

Bluechiip has revolutionised the way we label and track biosamples. Instead of handwritten, paper labels, which are recorded manually, Bluechiip have digitised and streamlined the whole process.

The new system represents a generational change from current methods to an effective bio tracking solution for the storage and retrieval of biosamples in the health and life science industry.

Zed Graphix were approached to simplify the messaging around BlueChiip technology and create three animations and seven videos to clearly explain how the technology works and in which markets it has application..

Our Journey

A half-day workshop clarified how the technology works, the benefits to customers and the potential markets. From this we developed full storyboards for each of the three animations.

An exhaustive full day video shoot captured precisely each step in the Bluechiip process. We also took the opportunity to create an investor video with the Managing Director talking about Bluechiip technology and the company’s future direction.

The footage collected was spliced into the animations and also used to develop seven separate videos of the technology for use at trade shows, presentations and for the Bluechiip website.

All the videos were extremely well received and we’ve been asked to tell the story of another hard to explain technology.  Watch this space!