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Postal Address

PO Box 2251
Moorabin VIC 3189


Our Client and Their Brief

Engaging staff with uniquely crafted company values

City Holdings provides world-leading facilities management and engineering solutions that ensure safe, successful and sustainable outcomes for their partners, on time and on budget.

As a global leader in their field, they understand the importance of their team “Our People are the Soul of our City”. City knows their team is the driving force behind its success and growth and as such they actively support team members by providing career opportunity, growth, support and work-life balance.

City Holdings approached us to develop their 5 key values as wordmarks with icons incorporated to represent each value.

Can Do
One Team
Working in Partnership
Lead the Way
Think Safe

The highlighted words are the key words representing the value.

Our Journey

There were a number of difficulties with obtaining the right result with this job. The values needed to be in lower case to reflect their new logo, which is all lower case. Working in Partnership was a really long value that didn’t sit well with the other values. Lead the way was the only value that has the key word as the first word.

We overcame the hurdles and came up with suitable icons that fitted in between the two words allowing us to highlight the key value word using colour rather than the icon being present on the word.

After finalising all the wordmarks and the colour palette we created the artwork to wrap around some of the pillars within their building.

The values were rolled out throughout the offices, as pull up banners, mouse mats and in an internal video, produced by Hide and Seek.