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Postal Address

PO Box 2251
Moorabin VIC 3189


Our Client and Their Brief

Turning E-waste and Plastics into Diesel and Metals

Waste Technologies is a global operator and marketer of Plastic to Diesel and E-waste to Metals recovery systems.  The Plastic to Diesel Converter is scalable via a multi-modular design. The company plans to build, own and operate 5 Plastic to Diesel, E-Waste to Metals Converters globally by 2018/2019.
We were approached to refine their logo and create pull up banners and promotional flyers for an upcoming conference in the UK, where they were talking about the development of their plants for their Plastics and E-waste plant in North Wales.

Our Journey

After emersing ourselves in the world of recycling and understanding what can and can’t be recycled and how, we created  key graphic for both Plastics to Diesel and E-waste to Metals to quickly and clearly show what WasteTech was all about. We further reinforced the imagery with the copy Converting Plastics to Fuel and Converting E-waste to Precious Metals

E-waste is all about conversion of old electronic equipment into Precious metals, so we used an image of flowing silver and gold liquid cascading downwards, which we incorporated a circular arrow into, that went from gold to silver with the E-waste entering into it. This image clearly showed the movement of the E-waste into Precious Metals.

We treated the Plastics to Diesel in a similar way, using an image of oil in place of the flowing silver and gold liquid and again using another treatment of an arrow with the Plastics waste going into it.

The images were created with the view that in the future the video production company, Hide & Seek, would be able to utilise the elements in their video.

The images were then used across pull up banners, flyers and business cards. All of which we produced in the nick of time for them to take over to the UK for the conference.